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Creating the future is the focus of IFLA’s Global Vision discussion, and this occasion provides the perfect platform to launch IFLA’s eagerly-awaited Global Vision report, the result of six regional workshops, hundreds of discussions, and 22,000 responses to our online consultation from 213 countries and territories. This will, for the first time, offer a truly global picture of the challenges and opportunities the library and information profession faces.

Staying true to the President's theme of ‘Libraries as Motors of Change’, the Global Vision report launch triggers the next engaging stage in our Global Vision journey starting immediately with a kick-off meeting in Barcelona and followed by six regional workshops.

The wheels are in motion - it’s now time to plan the future!

Gerald Leitner, IFLA Secretary General


An Invitation to the IFLA President’s Meeting 2018

IFLA President Glòria Pérez-Salmerón

Dear colleagues,

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to join me for my first IFLA President’s Meeting 2018, to be held on 19 March at the Museu Marítim (Maritime Museum) in my beautiful hometown of Barcelona.

It is fitting that we convene in such a historic setting. A venue steeped in stories of exploration and navigation; stories that clearly resonate with our profession as we aim to navigate through unchartered territory. But let us embrace the unchartered as opportunity and focus on what is to come. The social changes which are shaping the way people and organisations work together. The economic changes which are challenging traditional notions of public service. And the technological changes which are redefining what it means to be an information professional.

By bringing together the biggest brain trust in the library field and gathering the best ideas and experience from outside, this event offers a unique chance to hear how leading players are approaching this future. How they are not only responding to this future but also seizing the opportunities it presents. How libraries can break down barriers and form new partnerships. How they can build sustainable foundations for their work. And how they can use digital tools to achieve the goal of access to information for all.

Bring your ideas, your experience, and your energy to Barcelona!

Glòria Pérez-Salmerón
IFLA President